What’s taking up unnecessary space in your mind?

An idle mind is the devil’s playground is not just a saying! Research has shown that when our minds have nothing to do they think. And in many cases don’t stop thinking leading to worry, anxiety, and depression. But there are proven techniques to stop those racing thoughts.

I know you’re busy so here’s what you need to know if you don’t want to  Read the full article here.

If your mind doesn’t have anything to think about it creates something which is often a worry. As women we’re prone to worrying as we’re often multitasking and thinking of several things and people who need to be tended to. But there are ways to take your busy, worrying mind and calm it. First, decide if you need to worry. Sometimes it’s just a bad habit and that particular instance doesn’t need our worry.  If that’s the case fill your mind with something else. Some of my favorites include:

Tell me, what’s the hardest part about your mind constantly running? I want to hear from you! Simply hit reply and let me know.

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