Manage your Energy Not your Time

I recently saw this article How Hustling Only Makes You Tired (contains profanity) and it felt like it spoke directly to me at this point in my life. It gave me even more permission to do what I need to do to work smarter and not harder. I used to think “that sounds great but it won’t work for me”. But why not? Working hard is an old mindset that doesn’t have to be relevant any more. So why was I applying outdated thinking to my current life?

We often hear about the importance of managing our time. But I’m reconsidering that. What if it’s really about managing our energy? What if the key to moving from working harder to working smarter lies in finding the optimal ways to expend and replenish our energy?

  • When I manage my energy I spend my mornings doing my creative projects like new content of SOS because that’s when my brain is most alive.
  • When I manage my energy I take a quick walk or listen to music before picking up my kids so I can truly be present with them.
  • When I manage my energy I get help instead of struggle unnecessarily.
  • When I manage my energy I step into my power as a superwoman even more.

Think about what would be different for you if you shifted your energy in a way that works better for you. Would you be able to exercise in a way that feels good to your body? Spend more time with friends? Be more productive at work? Take a moment to consider how managing your energy instead of your time could really help you be more powerful.

Once you realize the best way to spend your energy you’ll have to make some shifts to make it happen. It’s usually not the desire that we get stuck on but how our desires and changes will affect others. It’s how others will feel when what we need is different than it’s been in the past. We don’t want to hurt or disappoint others but we’re torn because we also want to be good and take better care of ourselves.

My upcoming mini E-course will dive into that and teach you how to follow your energy and desires by actually say no with kindness and without hurting or disappointing others. Be sure to register and also share with a superwoman who you know needs this.

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