Created by Tonya Ladipo, LCSW SOS for Superwomen was formed to support women who are in a constant cycle of pouring into their careers, their community and their families, and are too close to capacity to pour into themselves.

Our lived experiences are different, but we are all carrying the weight of something. Monthly Girl’s Night will not fix it; motivational memes on Instagram will not cure it.

SOS for Superwomen was created to encourage unapologetically ambitious African American women to make appointments with themselves – and keep them.

So many programs are comprised of inspirational feel good content for women. But SOS is more than feel good. It’s about doing good. And that requires setting women up for success so that they are able to do more than just manage; rather, we want women to thrive. Whether they feel they are flying or flailing, SOS for Superwomen was created so that high achieving women are provided with the tools, the roadmap, and the community they require to unpack, assess, address and grow, in order to become the best versions of themselves.

When we as Superwomen take care of ourselves the ripple effect and good that we can do in our communities and the world is unstoppable. The time is now.

We dare you to be cared for. Join the SOS for Superwomen community here