We are creating a community and movement of women who are hard-working, high-achieving, and want more out of life. So many programs are comprised of inspirational feel good content for women. But SOS is more than feel good. It’s do good.

SOS was created for the strong black woman who doesn’t want to give up her strength but wants to enjoy the fruits of her labor. It’s for the professional woman with aspirations to advance in her career and still be present with her family. It’s for women who are hard-working at work and at home. It’s for women who are constantly busy and often overwhelmed with all that they have to do. We as superwomen don’t want to stop pouring into our careers. We don’t necessarily want to sit and be still for long periods of time. We don’t want to stop taking care of our families.

But we also don’t want to be so tired and stressed out. As hard as we’ve worked for all that we’ve achieved isn’t it time that we start enjoying it? Think about how great it would be if we could give to others freely and without resentment because we weren’t spread too thin. Imagine how it would feel to be productive and successful without constantly feeling overwhelmed. Imagine actually having some time to yourself to do what feeds your soul.

That’s what SOS for Superwomen is all about. We’re creating a movement of high-achieving women who tend to their own needs, take good care of themselves, and continue to be present and care for their families and communities. When we as Superwomen take care of ourselves the ripple effect and good that we can do in our communities and the world is unstoppable. And this is necessary now more than ever.