What is the SOS for Superwomen Facebook Group?

We all know the stats:

  • Black women are 20% more likely to experience anxiety & depression when compared to the general population, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Yet only 4% of us are likely to seek community support or professional assistance.
  • Nearly 48% of Black women are affected by heart disease, with stress being the leading factor.

We are reminded, daily, that we need to take better care of ourselves. That we need to put ourselves first. This isn’t new; we know what we need to do. But it’s easier said than done, right? What’s more, bubble baths and Friday night wine are not the cure to the microaggressions and the racial and gender barriers we experience every day. They aren’t a cure for the periods of sadness or the persistent society devaluing of our bodies, our brains, and our womanhood.  We can retreat for a minute; but where are the TOOLS and the COMMUNITY that will help us not only manage our day to day stressors, but help us thrive even as we tackle them?

Motivational memes will help us, but they will not cure us.

Audre Lorde said “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I’d be crunched into other people’s fantasies of me and eaten alive.” At this point, we are fighting to define ourselves. What’s more, we are learning and crafting the tools necessary to examine ourselves – to see our own wounds, and heal them; to recognize our own worth, and honor it. This is the very basis of self-care.

You are enough.

Still, you are not all.

None of us lives in a vacuum. We are all connected, and those connections are real. Although it is easy to feel isolated in an increasingly electronic and fantasy-based world, the village philosophy of our ancestors still speaks truth. Each of us is whole and self-sufficient, but together, we are a community. And community is everything.

With the SOS for Superwomen Facebook Group, we are encouraging unapologetically ambitious black women to tackle life together.

We are going to use this space to connect, to share, and to help one another work through what ales us.

We are going to use this space to receive the TOOLS and INSTRUCTION we need to move towards the life we all deserve – working through lifes hurdles, managing expectations and building barriers, and so much more.

Quarterly, as a community, we will tackle challenges issued by our expert therapists.The first 90-Day Challenge kicks off on August 1 and will be focused “Getting to No (Know)” – how we build up the muscle to stick to ‘no’, while also unpacking how we got to struggling with it in the first place. That challenge will be followed by a 90-Day focus on Communication + Building Boundaries. We will build together and we will grow together. We will dare to be cared for. Join us?